Introducing the Nikon Z6 III – A New Hybrid King

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The Nikon Z6III is Nikon's third-generation full-frame mirrorless camera, featuring an upgraded 24MP sensor that enhances both autofocus and video performance for this versatile stills/video hybrid.

The most uninspired response to the Z6III would be to glance at it and assume it's solely focused on video enhancements. Although it does offer substantial video improvements, the Z6III also stands out as a vastly improved stills camera compared to Nikon's previous offerings at this level. Unlike the modest upgrade of the Z6 II, the Z6III signifies a much more notable advancement.

Admittedly, the video enhancements are more immediately noticeable. Features such as internal Raw video, a full-sized HDMI socket, a fully-articulating LCD, waveforms, full-sensor 4K, and 6K/60p collectively elevate Nikon from trailing in this class to potentially leading it. It's remarkable that this mainstream class of cameras now offers capabilities once exclusive to dedicated video cameras like Panasonic's GH series.

While some of these features have trickled down from the Z9, much of the improvement comes from the new, faster sensor. This upgraded sensor benefits stills photographers as well.

The faster shooting rates are the most noticeable improvement, but the autofocus system has also been enhanced. With the addition of 3D Tracking and Subject Recognition, the autofocus system is more powerful and quicker to use. Nikon claims the faster readout allows the Z6III to outperform the Zf, which shares the same processor and interface.

Photographers will appreciate improvements beyond just performance. The higher-resolution viewfinder offers brightness closer to real-world conditions and better HDR shooting previews. Additionally, new options like pre-burst capture and multi-shot high-res mode provide valuable tools for those who need them.

Key Specifications

  • 24MP "Partially Stacked" CMOS Sensor
  • 14fps Mechanical Shutter, 20fps Electronic Shutter (up to 1000 Raw files)
  • Up to 60fps JPEG in full resolution, 120fps with APS-C crop
  • In-Body Image Stabilization rated at up to 8.0 stops
  • 5.76M Dot EVF with high brightness and wide color gamut
  • Fully Articulated 3.2" 2.1M Dot Rear Screen
  • 6K/60p N-Raw Video, 6K/30p ProRes Raw
  • 5.4K/60p H.265 Video
  • Pre-Burst Capture and Pixel-Shift High-Res Mode

The Nikon Z6III will be available starting in late June. To learn more and place a pre-order today, please visit the link below!

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